International Bath Day 14th June 2020

Are you a bather?  Is a bath a daily/weekly ritual with salts, bubbles and music?
Personally I prefer to shower, I love the idea of a bath but I get cold, my fingers prune and the magazine gets wet..  also at 5'1 I tend to slip beneath the surface if sleepy so its a risky game.  I do love to design a bathroom though and one must ask a lot of questions before specifying a bath or attempting to design one for the client.. 
This is my 'birdy' bathroom, on the first floor and hardly used.  The bath is from CP Hart and is short and deep (like me ;) my feet comfortably touch the ends keeping me above water and it’s so deep I’m submerged to the shoulders - as and when I do take a dip.. 
Bathroom design fleur ward interior design
This family bathroom became a wet room with the application of cement looking porcelain tiles throughout, necessary with 3 kids splashing about. My client loved this designer radiator which added some fun to the otherwise industrial room.
fleur ward interior design
This ultra modern ergonomic beauty has just gone into my Wimbledon project. The Nebbia slipper bath from Clearwater - Available from @bathroomone is shaped for ultimate relaxation. 
Nebbia bath fleur ward interior design
Is twinning winning? Fancy soaking next to your partner? When your bathroom is this big, you need to fill it! 

Or go it alone with a view and pop of colour @utkang

Sleek square edges in sterile splendor @kartellbylaufen

or rustic relaxation?
Or is black magic more your style @Catchpoleandrye
Love this pop of pink at @drummonds_bathrooms on the Kings Road. 
Whatever your style or space, make sure you enjoy a soak this Sunday for #internationalbathday



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