The Under the Stairs project was another opportunity to participate in Grand Designs Live for another year, showcasing our creativity but also product under the Ohh Fleur! brand. 

The brief was to make use of the lost space under the stairs in an inspiring way. 

I came up with the idea of a Console Cave. A encapsulating space for gamers to immerse themselves completely in the game, the perfect hideaway allowing them to get lost in the experience.

Containing a drawer unit for headphones, equipment etc, and a drinks fridge for refreshments and snacks, comfy armchair seating and retro-inspired Wired For Sound wallpaper designed by Fleur from her brand Ohh Fleur! this is the modern-day tree house for teens.



Sitting in my Console Cave

Grand Designs May 2020

The moodboard

Grand Designs Under the Stairs project

Getting interviewed and explaining the concept to Barbara Chandler, Kevin McCloud and Kunle Barker

Grand Designs Under the Stairs Project Fleur Ward

Getting judged on the big screen! 

with Kevin at Grand Designs Under the stairs project

I couldn't fit this in my bum bag.... 

Grand Designs Fleur Ward

Offering free consultations during the show

Grand Designs Under the Stairs project Fleur Ward

shows over. It's  been a long two weeks but wonderful experience,

Thankyou to Media 10 and Grand Designs Live