Lobster Day 15th June 2020

It's Lobster Day today and to celebrate one would normally go out to their favourite restaurant and order Lobster Bisque?!

I’m not a seafood fan…I’m sure I’m missing out but food is a visual thing for me, and whilst they are highly decorative, I don't want to work that hard and can't do food with a face (on my plate) - happy to spectate and always think of Daryl Hannah ripping into her lobster whilst the entire restaurant stop and stares (Splash)

If you're eating at home and want your table top to be on point, check out my picks below. I love a theme and there's a lot to choose from, here are my favourites.  


Found this years ago and find it really appeals, This wallpaper by Georgia Horton is such fun and a great pattern, would love to use in a restaurant or kitchen.
A great gift, an apron from Dunelm 
Gold ornament from Rocket St George 
Wall Art from Wayfair

Tea Towel from Thornback and Peel 

Bowl from Sophie Allport 

Napkins from Sophie Allport

Wallpaper from Sanderson

Bowl by Lost Ceramics - Etsy

Keyring by Emma Fleet - Etsy 


How to eat Lobster....

Are you with your lobster??


 Draw your own lobster with @seasaltcornwall