Camping... not my usual scene.

When my husband suggested camping for a weekend with friends I though he meant him, his mate and all the kids. I thought I'd have a massage and me time but ahhh  no. The ladies were included in this plan. I thought if Caroline was going, I will too. It’ll be fun, back to basics and hair in a bun. I'm not a princess but I do like to shower in the morning - am I alone? My husband had invested in camping gear years ago and alas, a slipped disc (L4/L5) prevented me from wanting to sleep on anything other than a postueropedic mattress since.. He did go the extra mile and buy a super blow up bed powered by the car. However that was as uncomfortable as the price tag and when he got into bed I became airborne.

On The Friday morning I popped into Argos and bought a blow up single mattress that got rave reviews. Best £9.99 spent as I had a super night’s sleep and have a new confidence in camping!

Friends booked Meonside camping near Petersfield.  A large field next to the farmers house who owns it.. There are portable loos which were clean and a sink and tap for dishes etc but aside from that, there’s nothing there. A coffee caravan was parked near the entrance and provides hot beverage and bacon sarnies.

You can have an open fire which of course is the draw with camping. Nothing like waking to a crackling fire and sitting with a cup of tea or toasting marshmallows in the evening.

The kids didn’t care about Wi-Fi as they were in the trees and creek behind our tent the entire time.

Sadly some camping etiquette was not adhered to by other campers. In one corner we had the ‘highway to hell’ boys night. A gathering of shirtless tattooed overweight chaps who didn’t seem to notice that everyone else had turned in by 10pm and we were subjected to AC/DC on loop til the wee hours.. #earplugs

Another group had two large aggressive dogs that made themselves a right nuisance by running across the field at you at such a rate you lifted your small dog and child and held your breath. It got into our camp and into the car next door. A lovely couple on a motorbike arrived and had two Chihuahuas who got scooped up in the nick of time. They moved on.  Apparently the farmer took down the number plates of these groups and won’t allow them to book again. His son comes around in his Hilux twice a day to check on everyone and sells firewood.

A 15 min walk will bring you to West Meon village which is very pretty and the Ye Olde George pub will provide a fantastic meal (Best Brisket Burger review on trip advisor) and some hot water (I took my face washer and had a bird bath before dinner… #campingtips

 Wonderful walking around the campsite ensures we will do this again and make the pub a Sunday destination.


camping at meonside

Our 3 hour walk took us through meadows and past sheep..

walking through meadows near meonside campsite

snacks so good we came back for dinner.. 

Gorgeous scenery, can't quite see but this house sells honey and has an honesty system through the yellow doors letterbox

gorgeous English thatched house

Pucci loving it!

Pucci poptart enjoying herself camping

Ruby keeping warm with our feather throw - can buy in shop..

wool blanket with feather motif ohhfleur