World Water Day

What does Water mean to you

Today is World Water Day and the theme this year is Valuing our water. Water means different things to different people. Ultimately Water means life and we need to look after it. The World Water Day website has lots of information on there to educate and inspire. Take a look to learn and participate in the discussion. (click on image)

world water day

Check out these amazing inventions to save the Earth's water



Click image to learn about this amazing invention, their other products and their organization.


 This Hippo Roller 

Sufficient water is necessary to practice basic hygiene including washing hands regularly and other household needs including drinking, cleaning and cooking. Irrigating small-scale food gardens is critical to sustain families and encourage them to grow their own food while the severely affected economy recovers.

Carrying heavy 25-litre buckets of water multiple times per day is extremely difficult for the youth, elderly and disabled and increases their risk of infection every time they visit a water collection point. 

Click on the image or link above to be taken to site to donate or get involved

hippo roller

More inventions to save water - click image


Saving water in your home

  • Take Showers in stead of baths
  • Use an aerated shower head
  • use a dual flush toilet 
  • Turn the tap off when not using water ie brushing teeth, washing up

Water reducing shower heads

Spend less time in the shower. Love this cute timer to stick onto the tiles and help keep your showering time to 4/5 mins. 

timer for the shower


 Click image to be taken to great tips on how to save water in your home 


Outside you can save water too! 

Stylish Water butts allow you to save rainwater for your garden. they're easy to install and come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, colours and costs. Click image to get to site

water butt


Hope that has inspired you to save water where you can, donate or get involved. 

Happy World Water Day!

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