World Sleep Day

I'm so excited it's World Sleep Day today!!! 


I'd like to talk to you about Bedroom Design and Layout, and things to consider when designing your bedroom.  You don’t want it to be on the Ugly Bedroom list  (mail online)

Ugly bedrooms

ugly bedroom mail online

What’s your bedroom like? Bright and breezy? This bedroom was for an aupair/spare room and it needed to appeal to a young aupair and to grandparents when they come to stay. This tight, awkward space was a challenge but we fitted in the existing bed, found some small bedside tables, installed wall lights to free up the table space, created a bright feature wall and painted the others white to open it up. Bespoke joinery was used in the other corners to create a wardrobe and desk area. 

yellow, lilac and white bedroom fleur ward

 Have you got it all mapped out? Start with a plan and create elevation drawings so you get an idea of how it will look. A moodboard is fun to create but heights of items can upset the symmetry so create the elevations. Boys rooms are such fun and I'm always a fan of a mural 

boys bedroom with green map mural green headboard

This teenager wanted a bohemian bedroom. Loved her Folky bedspread which I schemed around with Sanderson fabrics and a striking red wall. Terrarium with lizard out of shot.. 

bohemian girls room folk bedspread red wall

Layout – is there enough space for your bedside drawers? How big are your drawers, tiny bedsides or big chest of... make sure you've got enough space either side of the bed and some space between the table and wall.. Guest bed with feature wall of butterflies and pops of yellow

  bedroom with butterfly wallpaper yellow lamp arsenic walls

Do your boys require bunk beds? The niche in between the existing wardrobes was a natural position to build bespoke bunk beds so these brothers can climb, play and sleep. A map mural always fills a wall nicely... 

boys room large white bespoke bunks map mural

What else will you have in this room? A wardrobe? Or have you got a designated space like a dressing room? I pinched this room next door to my bedroom and created a dressing room ensuite.. divided by the chandelier and haberdashery unit I found on eBay, it's a luxury I appreciate daily. 

dressing room with haberdashery unit fleur ward

Walls – what’s on them? Do you want to create a calm and neutral space or go bold and beautiful.  Don’t forget the ceiling…

Dancing on the Ceiling 

An architectural wallpaper is a great way of adding interest and covering up all the cracks in an old house. It brings the ceiling down to create cosy... 

Fleur ward interior design bedroom with wallpapered ceiling chandelier and two large bedside drawers

Artwork –  A striking image/painting above the bed helps tie the colour scheme in and create a mood (above) or would you like a large statement piece (below)

Lighting is the jewelry of the room.. layer it to create ambiance. Ceiling lighting, lamps, and reading lights will ensure you have different levels of light. Make sure you can turn them all off from the bed. 

Gold circular wallpaper with cream headboard and gold wall light fleur ward

Pillows – personal choice, I like a lot of bed cushions but others don’t… Two statement cushions in front of pillows are enough or you can load up with different sizes.

 Luxury, all of our rooms have had to work twice as hard during lockdown but try to make your bedroom the luxury escape... 

There is a VLOG on this topic with more content. Please make sure you follow on social, links below. 

Night night.. x