Raise the Bar..

We've all missed going to bars and restaurants during quarantine and as a result spending more time at home than ever. We've had to raise the bar at home and ensure that our zoom game is top shelf. As lock down is lifting we may slowly start to slip back into visiting pubs after work or we can ensure that our home bar is well stocked and continue to stay in, entertaining a select few.. If room/budget allows then integrate a bar into your build/refurbishment.

In my Wimbledon project there was space in the living room that was an obvious area to me and we’ve created a chic fully equipped bar area here.

Floor plan showing a dark back wall in the centre of the house and what are we going to do?? Pop a bar in! 

Below is the render showing the client how it's going to look. Mirroring the wall bounces light around and creates depth as it reflects the garden, ensuring that if you're facing the wall, you can still see outside. 

fleur ward interior design

Unpacking the bar area . I wrapped cork on the front of bar units as a subtle indication of what happens in this area.. #corkpopping.  Elegant brass bar stools with a boucle seat.

fleur ward interior design bar area

Bar stool in brass with boucle seat. Cork wrapped around units

Bar stool Fleur ward

 This was the inspiration for the bar. The incredible Martyn Bullard's home.

Make it obvious that drinks are being served with photographs above, or below. Architectural Digest Mark Addison. Here the bar is simply a console table but the art clearly states what this area is all about.

No space for this, Conceal in a cupboard - @TheGlampad 

Or go for a freestanding bar cabinet in the living room - Decovry 

If no space for that, go for a trolley! A bar cart can be a stylish alternative when friends come around and when they've gone, wheel it back to the side of the couch and stack those books. 


Go industrial - Andy Thornton

Beachhouse - Viva Lagoon

Antique - Lorfords

Modern - Out there interiors

Rocket St George



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