Pineapple Day 27th June 2020

It feels like Summer is here and Pineapple season!

They have always been a popular fruit in terms of decor... why is that? What is the fascination with the humble pineapple?? No other fruit quite gets the same attention... (scratches head). I've highlighted some of the best finds if you're inclined to decorate with this prickly comical fruit!

Pineapples - Why are they so popular

Pad Home

Pineapples - Why are they so popular

Mitas and Co

Pineapples - Why are they so popular

Matthew Williamson - Debenhams

pineapple wallpaper

Barnaby Gates

pineapple art

Pineapple art - Etsy

pineapple laundry basket not on the high st

Not on the High St

world of wallpaper

World of Wallpaper 

Rocket St George pineapple lamp

Pineapple lamp - Rocket St George

Shein Cushion pineapple

Pineapple cushion - Shein





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