Tray in Off Piste Fireside - Small


What are you going to carry your hot chocolates on?! This tray! Elevate afternoon tea with this stylish tray in Off Piste Fireside. 2 colourways to choose from, Mocha and Fireside. For other accessories– please see Off Piste Collection. Perfectly sized for a cup of tea and a sweet treat, these are a great addition to guest rooms Small rectangle tea tray: 27 x 20 cm (flat serving area: 22 x 15 cm approx) - 80 g Sizes available 43 x 33cm Large 27 x 20cm Small 43 x 13.5cm slim 20 x 11.5cm desk tidy

Designer Serving Trays

Designer Serving Trays

  • Scratchproof plastic
  • Reverse left white
  • Lipped edge
  • Glossy surface
  • Hand-printed to order

Hand wash only.

  • Hand Wash

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