Band Aide Fabric

Ohh Fleur!


Designer Band Aide Cushions 

Love the design but can't commit to an entire wall?? Then go for a cushion.  A fab accessory to pop any interior. 

Inspired by the '80s and Live Aid. For music lovers with a sense of humour. Instruments arranged as a fun graphic with a cheeky plaster thrown in. I love the 80's and the music that went with it. Such a happy decade. There is a song for everything... 

Printed in the UK with a lead time of 2 weeks. 


  • 40 x 40cm
  • 100% polyester Velvet
  • Can be printed on a number of base cloths. Please call to discuss if you have specific requirements 
  • Made to order
  • can include an inner pad. Please select a variant.
  • with or without trim. Please select variant
  • For Homes, Hotels and Hospitality 


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