Fleur took a blank white canvas and made the most amazing window seat or as she described a "book nook". From start to finish Fleur was the upmost professional, she kept me informed of everything along the way, paying attention to every detail during the process (i.e. giving ideas of colour for the piping for the window seat). She chose such unique wallpaper which compliments her idea of a book nook and the fabric she recommended works amazingly well with my young children. She recommended two different companies, one to hang the wallpaper and one to bespoke design the seat and to fit it. It was a rather large space to fill and not an easy task. I absolutely love what Fleur has done. 
Mrs A Eakins 

I was so excited to be asked about this space and the book nook idea came to me straight away. Choosing a mural that clearly defined the area was key and Mrs Eakins understood it immediately. The upholstery needed to be above head height to maximise comfort and the fabric chosen needed to appear quilted or deep buttoned - This Romo fabric was perfect. The hot pink piping helps it pop and ties in the other accessories in the room. I love to think of the family curling up in this space with the paper, a good book or a comic.