So who’s entertaining tonight???

The sun is out but we (most of us?) will be in watching the UEFA campions league between Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool. Now I’m not a footy fan but we are going to friends who are really excited about it. I can get easily whipped up so will totally get in the zone when there – just hope I don’t shout foul ball…

When we entertain we like to have all drink making paraphernalia to hand which means on a trolley or cabinet of some sort to stock, wheel in and distribute with minimum absence from the fun.

I’d love to mince down my hallway in heels pushing one of these babies! Enjoy the footy, sun or whatever you’re doing tonight! x

Drinks trolley fleur ward interior design

Love this gold 'bamboo' trolley from Lorfords Antiques  £ 775

Rocket St George £310 

From The Old Cinema this Art Deco beauty £995

Also from the Old Cinema this 1970's groovy trolley for £500

From Andrew Martin £225 on sale from £450 the Seymour drinks trolley.. Nurse?

Lets go outside.. £598 from Viva Lagoon


Metal and modern from Out There Interiors £185

Industrial and that colour! From Andy Thornton £139

Rocket St George £395


Love this from Oliver Bonas £275 


I call this Xanadu! my favourite £435 from Out There Interiors 

Finally from Viva Lagoon £229

Enjoy those mocktails! x