Well hello there!

Thankyou for visiting my site. 

I’m no stranger to wallpaper, I’ve been known to throw it on a wall or two – and the ceiling. I love it.  It's a common thread with all of my design projects and my clients come to me because they too want colour and fun. My Interior Design business started in 2007 - Fleur Ward Interior Design (a lot of thought went into that..) and my love of all things interiors continues to flourish... Due to this love I started designing my own wallpapers and OhhFleur was born. 

Having my own brand has given me another creative outlet which I craved (did I also mention I paint..) and enabled me to be as colourful and playful as I please. When you look at the designs closely you might be tempted to say Ohh Fleur.. (insert wink emoji)

I see my wallpapers in bold homes, commercial spaces, boutique hotels and places that can afford to be uncensored and fun.… don’t you?  

Your walls don’t want to be boring beige, or tired taupe they want zing, colour, pizazz and wit.. they want to be a talking point.  Show your personality and style. Don’t follow trends – set them.  

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Fleur x