Wallpaper is back! Did it ever leave...?

Apparently more of us are getting comfortable with pattern and are happy to be engulfed with it. As we are about to cocoon over the festive season it's a good time to reconsider your walls and get those decorators in.

According to the Times, Wallpaper is back - but did it ever leave? In my 25 years in the biz I can't remember it every being out of fashion. There are a number of brands out there to choose from and before you think you can't commit, decide or afford.. consider this...  Sample up - most companies are happy to provide samples free of charge. Gather and stick on your wall to see what you think will fit in with your existing furniture (unless you are having a complete overhaul!) 

Using apps to create mood boards, can be really helpful in terms of visualizing how the room will look. Maybe you just want a feature wall...? Check out the App Store for some fun tools to assist.

Moodboard using Morpholio and my Fan of Junk wallpaper

Most websites will show you how the room will look with the wallpaper - Wallpaper direct shows you the wallpaper selected in a number of rooms from the master bedroom to utility room. Surface View is a great source of inspo including vintage papers and murals for something different.


Wallpaper direct 

Surface Wall 

I love a theme and a wallpaper can really help you set the tone of the room.. like these papers I left with a client for a boys room. They immediately set the tone and palette of the room giving us a starting point.

Don't forget the ceiling!

It's very key.. if you have no architectural details to champion then consider an appropriate paper to add punch! I love this Brooklyn Tiles paper used on my bedroom ceiling. It hides the cracks that old houses have, brings the ceiling down to create cosy and adds wow to the room.

If you are really stuck, hire a professional who has the contacts, the experience and skill to help you select the right wallpaper for the room in question.

Have fun and remember, don't follow trends - set them ;)

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