My family room makeover..

The family room has always been green, Farrow and Ball Calke to be exact, but after 6 years felt it was looking tired and dull. It had cracks from a new floor and was never wipe able - something that is a prerequisite in a family home.

 Now I love Malachite and that intense emerald green but convincing my husband that a room in this colour was a good idea was going to be a challenge. I had a few paint pots floating around but the one I went with is by The Little Greene Paint Company, called Puck. With my husband on a plane I moved the decorators in! With all the books and CD's removed from the dusty shelves they cracked on at an incredible rate and by end of play I was in the Emerald City. Not one to lose momentum, I arranged for them to return and attack some other tired areas whist the iron was hot. More on those rooms later.

 The following evening I played Shelfie and carefully curated the return of books and objects. I'm rather pleased with the outcome and so was Mr Ward to my relief! I've learned to shield and protect him from the admin (like I try to do with clients) he's on a need-to-know basis. He's not a visual person so why torture him with ideas, mood boards and swatches, and I don't want his oar in let’s be honest...

 The Grand Reveal approach is best. Below are some pics of the day we moved in, and the transformation this room has gone through. Happy decorating.. :)


family room fleur ward interior design

When we first moved in. There was a door out to a redundant area and knew we were going to do a side return.. decided to close it off and create a moody movie room. Embrace the lack of natural light and go dark!

family room fleur ward interior design

Had a false start with Hague blue.. husband hated and looked black after second coat.

family room fleur ward interior design

Settled on Farrow and Balls Calke Green and enjoyed for 6 years - but time to go Emerald! And sort out those shelves...

family room fleur ward interior design

The result is amazing. Looks like a new room. Love the intense bold colour of Puck - creates a clubby vibe..

family room fleur ward interior design

Books and objects back on the shelves.. photo albums and CD's (rolls eyes) have been stored upstairs and have brought my design books down to display.

What do you think?? Would love to know your thoughts. What have you done with your CD's?? Have you painted a room and then changed your mind?  Please subscribe to my newsletter for events and news.

Don't just stand there... decorate! x