Kitchen Re-fresh!

I'm exposed to so much being an interior designer, and want to move onto the next thing which is impossible and expensive. I've been bored of my beige kitchen for some time ( I don't usually do beige) and whilst I still love my Neptune Kitchen, it was looking a bit tired. It's done well over 5/6 years.. but a family of 4 who entertain a lot and a Pug who snots around the house, it's bound to show some wear and tear. I've been kicking about some colours for 12 months and finally decided on Night Swimming by Paint the Town Green - it was a close second to Sweet Caroline but my husband politely said over my dead body so that was that.. I have used Sweet Caroline on my sideboard but more on that later. Night swimming is delicious and such a deep tone of blue. It beautifully pulls out these tones in my Cole and son bird wallpaper on opposite wall and has made the kitchen feel brand new! I'm so chuffed and was done with minimal disruption. My decorator did over two Saturdays (he's a very busy man and I couldn't wait til he was free midweek!)  so he kindly accommodated my needs and with a light sand, a new coat and kitchen transpired!  My kitchen was hand painted originally so a primer wasn't required. It was so simple and inexpensive. It changes in the light so do buy some tester pots to ensure you are happy with the colour night and day.  


Before - in beige 


Kitchen refresh 1

kitchen refresh 2

kitchen refresh 3

kitchen refresh 4

kitchen refresh 5