Bird Wallpapers

To celebrate national Bird Day I wanted to highlight a few of my favourite Bird wallpapers. You know I love wallpaper and have a few examples of why bird wallpaper really works.

My bathroom at home. Crowe Hall by Little Greene featuring exotic birds and flowers. The ceiling is a soft pink... This large scale 19th century design can really emphasise the height of a room or stairwell due to it’s repeat. Or can look equally pretty in small spaces, like my bathroom where I’ve used cement looking tiles on floor to help offset the obvious femininity. 

Crowe hall wallpaper fleur ward interior design
My kitchen with Cole and Son’s Ucelli panelled wallpaper on feature wall, with a variety of birds perching on a tree behind a metal trellis. When you spend as much time in a room as the kitchen it’s important to avoid getting bored of the decor. I never tire of looking at these birds and it has such a calming effect. More photos in Goldsmith Ave project on website 
Fleur ward interior design - kitchen with Cole and sons ucelli wallpaper
Lorna Syson - Juneberry and Birds is a favourite bird wallpaper. We get Great Tits in the garden in Sussex and I’m dying to use this somewhere. Love the colour combination which lends itself to easily being schemed around for kitchens, bathrooms or any room! 
Biophilic Design is the practice of bringing the outside in. Being connected to nature improves our health and wellbeing so surrounding yourself with decor that reflects the natural environment can only be a good thing. That’s another blog in itself so for now lets stick to the birds! 
I have a highlighted story on instagram of bird wallpapers for some more options, so please make sure you check that out and follow. 

 I love feeding birds, any animal really. Last time I was in Australia I got chased by an Emu who I wasn't feeding quick enough! Click the image to be taken to more information regarding National Bird Day

feeding an emu fleur ward


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