Grand Designs Live 2019

I'm so chuffed to be a part of the Grand Designs Live show this year!

The Design Brief was 'under the stairs' and I was immediately drawn to the idea.. What would you do?? If you could design the small triangular awkward space under your stairs? I came up with the idea of a Console Cave. A gaming room to hide away and immerse yourself in the experience. Flashback to the 80's where you would climb into these egg like pods and pull the lid down. My son loved the idea so thought I was onto something. I love working with 'one man bands' as I am, so reached out to Luke from Essex Metalworx. I've been admiring his work on Instagram for a while. Chunky industrial masculine furniture with grills and unpolished joins. It has been a fun collaboration and hope the exposure is worth the effort that's been put in. The Ochre House has been incredible and again so fun to collaborate with the team. It's a cliché but people buy from people so I do gravitate to those I enjoy and certainly makes the process more enjoyable.

Grand Design 2019


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